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In 1978, the Kripalani family brought Hong Kong tailoring to Birmingham, Alabama. The combination of hand-selected fabrics and hand-sewn tailoring allowed discerning customers to stand out from the crowd. For those who know what it means to be seen, Kripalani’s has become the go-to source to achieve custom looks that complement their personas.

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Kripalani’s association with the tailors in Hong Kong dates back before World War II; this is a legacy and heritage that dates back to three generations. The Kripalani family sources fabrics from the oldest mills in the world and exclusive sources. They have known the tailors in Hong Kong for more than a half a century. The way their garments drape your frame will make you appreciate the quality and construction that goes into every weave and every stitch.


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Whether you are a public figure, a leader in your field, someone who appreciates the finer things in life or a young person starting a career path and are hard to fit or just want a high-quality, affordable suit, Kripalani’s takes the time to understand your personal style. When you first don a custom garment designed specifically for you, a new air of confidence envelopes you. You become more aware of how you present yourself. And, those around you take notice.